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Friday, May 7, 2010

Jalostotitlan Jalisco

We are looking forward on finalizing our family trip/reunion to Jalos, we are planning a 13 day vacation in August, All of Carlos's relatives will be there , some of his cousins (primos) from
up north are going ,its going to be quiet the reunion, It's a big surprise celebration for Carlos's aunt's 80th.... birthday. "WOW" what a well deserved treat! She is an amazing lady, has always made me feel welcomed, and comfortable in her home, she is such a joy to be around, always laughing and telling stories.
This is my third trip to Jalos and I have to say I really enjoy it there, I was never raised really understanding my Mexican culture and I must say it's a beautiful enriched culture, as I travel to Jalos or any part of Mexico I become more and more enlightened with this amazing heritage,What I truly enjoy is how the people are not only so spiritual but dedicated to their faith. As they celebrate from the the 5Th to the 15Th of August; the feast of assumption, They decorate the streets in light blue and white streamers hanging from street to street, and do daily pilgrimage through out the town, you feel the spiritual energy from the people. The colors is a form of symbolism of Virgen de Asuncion their patron saint, as they carry her through out the streets the people follow behind all the way to the church, it's really something to see. Pictures posted are of Gilbert & Lecha Vallejo, I googled Jalos and they came up, how funny is that? they didn't even know they were famous in Jalos, the other pictures are of the beautiful church and of course some of the beautiful people....

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