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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pictures of Jewelry for Brea Event

Here are some of my pics that my good friend Chris took for me, as I'm not a good picture taker

I can do just about everything else but that.........
OH I forgot to mention MS PRIS is on her way to do a 3 day workshop with the creative Mary Englebrite, How Cool is that, I'm soooooo jealous I wish I would have went, oh well maybe next time. She's so lucky she is going to come back with all this new creative ideas and talent, she gets to meet all these great artist and take fun exciting classes to learn new techniques.
OK well I now it's been along time that I've posted anything just been really busy, Anyhoo my friend Priscilla said if I didn't get on the boat she was going to eliminate me forever........

I'm getting ready to do the Jewelry show in Brea it's May 1, 2010 at the Brea community center,
which is located in the city of Brea behind the Brea Mall off of Randolph its from 9-4 hope to see you there, I promise i will have my pictures of my jewelry up real soon. I have over 65 pieces done for this show WOW that's a lot of beading, this is why as I explained to MS PRIS I have very little time to BLOG , I made a promise that I would try to make the time or shut down , as i was told it's a disgrace to BLOGGERS....