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Monday, September 28, 2009

LOLA the senorita witch

LOLA the senorita witch

I took two great classes this weekend with my Crafting Amiga Pricilla, "Wow what a great weekend", the first class was a soldering class with Rita Read once we got the solder to melt we were up and running, soldering away ,we made a Marie Anonette ornament. On Sunday we ventured out to Gilding the Lilly in Fullerton," OMG" what a great class, this was the best class ever ! We made a Vintage Doll out of paperclay, I made mine a Witch she is sooooo cute, as we sculpted,painted and sewed, she was transformed right before my eyes with her crazy witchee hair soooo cute! I named her LOLA.
The instructor was Colleen Moody from Danville Calif.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Masquerade Ball Mask is finished, The colors are Pink and Gold I went with these colors because I had a beautiful crystal bracelet that broke so I took all the crystal beads from it and used it to embellish my mask, I Love it I sooooo don't want to give it up! It makes me want to go to a Masquerade Ball!!!!!

Well I spent all weekend crafting getting ready for next weekends big event, I finished my "oogie Boogies" I must saaaay, worth all the time, and hard work, They are Cuuuute! Here is a 1 of the 13 that I made. Thanks to my amiga Pricilla I can display them on my Blog, she taught me how.

Friday, September 11, 2009

so excited!

i'm going to kim caldwell's artistic affair in one week. i just can not waaaaiiitttt! to see all my artistica friends.

i am live!

check out all the headers priscilla and i went through before we came to this one.

aren't you just luvn' her feathers! can't wait to embelish em'...hahahaha!

girl! this is it...i am now "live" and have an official BLOG!!!
i am off and running!