Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome FALL

My favorite time of the year, getting ready for the baking and cooking favorite fall comfort  foods... We had a lot going on this Month and Next. Just finished celebrating Hunter's 16th Birthday WOW can you believe my little peanut turned 16. Not to mention my 20th wedding anniversary is September 29th...
How time flies...  Are first date was the movies ,  "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise 1988 I still remember that scent of Carlos "my husbands' shirt. It wasn't cologne it was a natural clean smell.... And here we are 20 years later very much in Love.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY too us....

I'm trying to get in the spirit of Halloween which by the way is really hard to do in this 105 degree weather " yuk..I'm ready to pull out all my decorations and decorate the house. I'm working on some Halloween projects with skulls I bought last year on clearance trying to make use of what I already have, I had an old candle stick holder that I used for the stand...  I'll post pictures when I'm done.. Here are some pictures of my jewelry that I just finished and I'm very excited about...I hope everyone else is too.

La Dama
My New Creations Nichos with vintage Medals Santos and crosses.

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