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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready For Jalos

Well the count down is 3 days , All ready and eager to go, we can't wait!!! I am trying really hard to pack light and what I mean my packing light is one suitcase for me only, "NOT HAPPENING" I tried what can I say.... The problem is my shoes I of course need different shoes for different out fits,"RIGHT" so I'm packing all my shoes in one suitcase, every Beautiful vein Latina in Jalos dresses up, they wear high heels "stiletto's" which is very hard to do, the streets are cobble stone and very uneven almost deadly, which makes it very hard to walk but some how they manage, if you look closely their heels are tore up and I mean tore up.....they walk at an angle slanted its really something to see, of course the woman there are all skinny and beautiful, they walk every where, Jalos is very very "hilly" steep hills everywhere, if I lived there I'd be skinny in no time......hmmmm that's an Idea?

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  1. hey, nice to find your blog! that's so funny, I'm from San Juan de los Lagos!!